Company Profile

1956, September 12. One Step Forward initiative outlined. PT Maskapai Asuransi Buana incorporated on this date and takes its first steps as a general insurance company.

1981. PT Astra International becomes majority shareholder. This move bolsters enthusiasm company-wide and introduces a stronger synergistic viewpoint into the corporate culture.

1985. PT Maskapai Asuransi Buana opens a new branch in the Central Java city of Semarang.

1990. PT Maskapai Asuransi Buana changes its name to PT Asuransi Astra Buana, or AAB. The name and logo redesign strengthens the company's affiliation with the Astra Group of companies, with the attending positive image points of sophisticated management and strong financial backing.

1992. AAB opens a new branch in Jakarta, for a total of four branches nationwide.

1994. AAB opens two more new branches, in Medan and Makassar, for a total of six branches nationwide.

1995. PT Astra International acquires 95% of the company's outstanding shares. AAB also launches its premier motor vehicle insurance product under the label of "Garda Oto" and opens two new branches, one in Jakarta and one in Solo.

1996. AAB opens three new branches, in Bogor, Palembang, and Denpasar.

1997. AAB receives ISO 9001 certification as acknowledgement of its continuous commitment to quality and service. The company opens six new branches, in Jakarta, Tangerang, Bekasi, Cirebon and Lampung, for a total of seventeen branches nationwide.

1998. AAB goes through an internal reorganization into two divisions, the Personal Line and the Corporate Line. The company's Garda Oto product becomes the pioneering insurance product in civil commotion coverage for its customers. A positive business climate leads AAB to open five new branches, in Pekanbaru, Batam, Purwakarta and Yogyakarta.

2000. This year, AAB sharpen it's "shape". The company unveils its Vision, Mission, and Core Values, further evolving the corporate culture towards increasing service and quality. Many new benefits are launched for the company's Garda Oto customers, such as: 24 Hour "Garda Akses" call center and "Garda Siaga" emergency roadside assistance services, the official Garda Oto website, and the Garda Oto VISA card. The company's branches are also standardized nationwide.

2001 - 2005. Several awards are bestowed on Astra Insurance as continuing proof of the company's exemplary performance and industry-leading commitment to customer service, such as: ICSA, IBBA, Best General Insurance, Green Company - Attestation of Assessment Certification, the E-Company Award, Call Center Service Excellence Award and the MAKE Award.
On 16 March 2005, Astra Insurance expands its business unit through develop sharia unit. Sharia unit offering various sharia insurance products to both retail and corporate customers with the advantages are peace of mind, fairness, and profitable

2006. The company launches its "Garda Q'Repair" service as further proof of its continuing commitment towards innovation in support of the highest levels of customer service. The Garda Q'Repair service allows customers with light repair work claims (conditional), to have their cars worked on and finished up in just one working day. In connection with AAB's Golden Anniversary, several events in keeping with a unique "Safety is Everybody's Concern" theme are held nationwide at the company's branches, including Safety Creativity events, a Safety Fun Rally, Safety Driving Course, and Safety and Fun Touring competitions.

2008. Garda Medika came into existence to provide health insurance service. Facilities for customers continue to be developed, so that Garda Akses CALL was introduced for nationwide access at one phone number 75 900.

2010. Astra Insurance launches the Garda Q’System, which is a B2B system with partner workshops for efficiency and effectiveness of processes. Beside that, we offer added value for Garda Oto’s customer through Survey @ your doorstep, customers can make an appointment as to place and time for claims survey.